About BoldType

From New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes, BoldType emerges as a versatile graphic design firm skilled in branding, web design, and 3D modeling. Our corporate background equips us to serve diverse business needs, ensuring captivating designs and smooth user interactions.

We delve deep into your brand’s essence, crafting content that engages your audience. We prioritize listening and customization, forging lasting partnerships and guaranteeing impactful outcomes. From design to consulting, we’re your comprehensive partner. Let’s embark on your next venture together!

Meet Sander Murray: Your Creative Catalyst

Hello! I’m Sander Murray, a New Zealand-based expert with over 23 years in the fields of 3D Visualization, Graphic Design, Photography, Web, Marketing, and innovative problem-solving. Throughout my journey, I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge and skills, partnering with entities ranging from Kiwi startups to international behemoths.

Why Work with Me?

  • Experience:  I’ve held key marketing and creative roles, fusing my graphic marketing skills with a profound business understanding. Be it a local startup or an international powerhouse, my objective remains unaltered: delivering unmatched value through creativity and expertise.

  • Approach: My tenure has taught me that it’s not just about completing tasks. I firmly hold the belief that passion and creativity should be infused into every project. My motto? If there is room for enthusiasm and innovative ideas, I am there to ensure that expectations are not just met but exceeded.

  • Versatility: My adaptability shines through diverse roles – from developing vibrant digital content at Truescape and pioneering marketing strategies at YikeBike, to crafting signature corporate visuals at Ernst & Young for 5 years in the London office.