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Empire Chicken TV Menus

In a recent endeavor at Empire Chicken, I had the privilege to overhaul the in-store TV menu displays, transforming them into a paradigm of simplicity, readability, and efficiency. The objective was clear: to streamline the customer experience by facilitating quicker decision-making while retaining an engaging visual appeal.

Typography Hierarchy:

The cornerstone of this transformation was the strategic use of typography hierarchy. By employing varying font sizes, weights, and styles, I delineated the different levels of information, ensuring that the eye is effortlessly led from the primary offerings to the secondary options, and to the descriptive text. This logical flow of information accelerates the decision-making process, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Simplified Layouts:

The layout was reimagined to embody simplicity and ease of comprehension. By minimizing clutter and maximizing white space, the design now exudes a clean, unambiguous narrative that aligns with the brand’s ethos of offering straightforward, hearty fare. The structured layout not only expedites the order process but also accentuates the visual appeal of the food items showcased.

Colour Palette:

A harmonious colour palette was chosen to resonate with the brand’s identity, ensuring that the menu is not just a mere list, but a visual journey aligning with Empire Chicken’s brand essence. The colours used were meticulously selected to ensure legibility and to evoke a warm, inviting ambiance.

Kids Colouring in Graphic

In addition to the menu redesign, a delightful initiative was undertaken to engage the younger audience. An A4 Black and White (BW) colouring sheet was crafted, offering a simple yet enjoyable activity for children while they await their meal. The uncomplicated design encourages creativity, yet is easy to complete, ensuring the young artists remain occupied and content during their visit. This thoughtful addition, albeit small, reflects our continual endeavour to enhance the in-store experience for all age groups, making dining at Empire Chicken a delightful family affair.

The revamped menu and the children’s colouring sheet are not just design projects, but a testament to how thoughtful design can significantly elevate the customer experience, ensuring that every visit to Empire Chicken is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.