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Southern Engineering Solutions

We're thrilled to share our recent work with Southern Engineering Solutions (SES), a top engineering and manufacturing company in Christchurch, New Zealand. We've given their brand a modern makeover, starting with their website. We've made it more user-friendly, with a fresh look and easy navigation. We also designed a new logo, both static and animated, to add energy to their brand.

We've updated their colors, fonts, and imagery to give SES a more professional and innovative image. We did a photoshoot to capture their impressive facilities and team, which now feature on their website and materials. Plus, we extended their brand to vehicle decals and building signage. We will also design a new magazine and crafted compelling copy content to tell SES's story better. Overall, we've refreshed SES's brand to reflect their values and showcase their excellence, setting them apart in their industry. We're proud to be part of their journey and look forward to more exciting projects ahead.